A Walk in the Snow, Werneth Park

A Walk in the Snow, Werneth Park

Yes you've got the balance very nice Stephen

Very nice Stephen. Those loosely indicated trees in the background look very good. Just a thought but I might have been inclined to have a few more darks at the foot of the left bank in the foreground on the edge of the road and perhaps more light/dark contrast on the tree trunks close up??

Many thanks Dennis and Michael for your encouraging thoughts. I think as Michael says, a little more strength in the foreground would be a good idea, good to get feedback.

Yes great recession in this I agree about the darks on the left but a good piece if work nonetheless.

Light touch and lines in Oldham, works for me Stephen

Lovely watercolour -a very sure touch

Nicely composed and executed, Stephen. The strong lighting is excellent.

Posted by SY Chew on Thu 26 Feb 13:43:18

Many thanks Derek, Harry and Seok. I've just come back from holiday, hence the delay, will upload a couple of holiday sketches later.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry to post another from the same photo but I tried to get a looser effect by drawing with a rigger and trying to avoid detail.

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