Border on beach


lovely and vibrant picture. I like the fact that you have paid real attention to the backgound as well. Is this acrylic? i have never used acrylic but if this is what can be achieved then it could inspire me to give it a go.

Lovely, so well painted

Wonderful. I really like the way you've painted the pebbles and you get a great sense of place and perspective. My kind of dog too!

Wow. This has such energy, looks like the pup’s been for a long run! Love the way you’ve worked the beach as well, as said elsewhere it’s great that you’ve paid such attention to the surroundings.

Really life like Border Collie. Well painted, the background as well, footprints in the soft sand and the small pebbles are amazing.

This is such an atmospheric portrait, the dog looks as if he's really enjoying himself. Lovely expression and loads of character. By the way, my apologies if he's a she!

Thank you for all your lovely comments, yes it was painted with acrylic

Beautiful lively painting, the wet coat is very good ( we have a collie too that loves the water)

Lovely painting of a lovely doggy 🙂

Fantastic in every way.

Lovely capyure

lovely ,good eye for detail.lovely dog well use of colours so life like well done

Hang on Studio Wall

Favourite place on earth 💕

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