British Bulldog


All that's missing is the copious drool - do you follow Reuben the Bulldog, on YouTube? Yours is very splendid - what's remarkable about these dogs is their extraordinary gentleness: remarkable when you consider what they were originally bred for.

By the way, would love to know the medium you used to paint him - it's not easy to find that out on the site, even though you have to enter these details to submit the picture. I would guess at gouache or acrylic, but can't really tell.

You've captured perfectly the signature features of the breed. Loads of personality in the gaze. A lovely piece.

Great character and a lovely painting

Thank you. Yes he was done in Acrylic 😊

Love his expression! Well done Clare

He is stunning. An absolute triumph. 👌

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The Great British Bulldog

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