Morgana's Woods (WIP)

Morgana's Woods (WIP)

Stands well as a painting in its own right, the colour is great. If you develope it further would be interesting to see.

Do you need to do any more Hardest question for an artist - should i stop!

Got to agree with the others, Skylar. This is good enough to stand on its own merits. Terrific light. Bri

Fantastic sense of light, beautiful

Beautiful - love the light.

Tell the story Skylar. I'm already intrigued.

It's stunning as it is, I love it!

Magnificent light and tone Skylar, it!....

Superb woodland scene the light is brilliant.

Paul - Well, I am so happy with your responses. I almost Did leave it alone...Instead, I did two pieces with the Bkg.

Allan - Thanks! I had a prof. who used to tell us that it took 2 artists to paint a picture. One to paint, The other, to tell the first to stop. Luckily, I'm schizophrenic.

Brian - Thanks so very much!

Dave - Thanks! My limited knowledge of the idiom from which "Stonking" comes, sent me to the dictionary of slang. That word is now in my lexicon.

Thank you so much, John!

Heather - Thank you! This was quite wonderful to wander around inside.

A vivid and beautiful depiction of sunlit woodland, excellent work.

Hang on Studio Wall

A Background for a more complicated fantasy image. Orig size appx 18x24. Krita Oils.

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