Mike, the Carpenter

Mike, the Carpenter

Send him over Skylar, I've lots of carpentry work he could do!!! Seriously though, this is another excellent portrait.

Jennifer - Thanks! I'll check his schedule!

So handsome! Brilliant work Skylar.

Margaret - Thank you! (yes, another handsome face...)

If you are single simply draw the man you want..........i'm available to sit for you.....

Peter - You're funny! It's much easier to draw one, than to find one.

Wonderful portrait, Skylar.

Cesare - Thank you!

Jennifer control yourself - he is definitely mine! Gorgeous Skylar (in more ways than one)!!

softness and sensitivity in the use of the medium, to create a strong and rugged portrait......that's an unforgettable face Skylar. Love the eyes, they say what they mean don't they.

Adele - Well, I used to be kind of embarressed to post so many male portraits. Apparently, it's OK. Thanks so much for the support!

Fiona - Thanks for your comments! I have a confession, which I'm sure everyone knows, the gentleman in this portrait is not Quite as handsome as I have drawn him (surprise!)

Well you can wish..... he is a beauty, alas I'm much too old for him. Skilled work Skylar!

Carole - You never know when a wish might come true... Thank you for the comment.

Thank you, Maureen.

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Something Different- Graphite and charcoal on Bristol board. 9x12"

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