Window light

Window light

Well, I like this! Nice, warm style.

I love the boldness, the light and the freshness, Shirley. It's strange that I am not inspired to paint still life myself but I love a good one of someone else's. Perhaps I could learn to see the potential around me.

Beautiful work Shirley.Luminosity at it's best.

Not a great fan of still life work normally but this has a lovely feel of life and vitality.

Thank you very much for these comments, Skylar, Roger, Peter, Stephen. I did this pic some time ago, but was not very happy with it. So today I thought "nothing to lose" - try and sort it out. Added some washes, and some coloured pencil work, and did feel much better about it.

Lovely work Shirley.

Love it Shirley.

It's simply brilliant Shirley, from the composition to the drawing.

Delightful Shirley, good painting.

Wonderful fresh still life, Shirley, beautiful washes.

I really like this.. It's kind of quirky.

Posted on Fri 14 Jul 09:43:59

Lovely spontaneity to this piece, Shirley, and super composition and light as well.

It's a little smasher Shirley, glowing.

Love this painting - the use of watercolours - everything.

Thank you so much for these kind comments! It was worth trying to rescue this picture! 😊

It is quite a chastening experience to see your watercolours. I hardly ever look at other artists' work here and now I realise that I must. This is lovely.

Hang on Studio Wall

Added some more things to this to hopefully improve it.

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