Hibiscus with Lemon and Blue Jug


Another beautiful painting, Shaun. I love your paintings which are always vibrant in colour which really bring them to life!

The composition works a treat Shaun and your use of colour great as always

A beautiful painting Shaun.

I just love bright. This is a great composition and altogether lovely painting.

I love this. There aren't many others on here that use oil pastels - so it's good to see great looking work from someone else who enjoys them.

Beautiful painting

Lovely combination of colours here, Shaun.

Terrific combination of colours.

Very nice. I particularly like the reflection on the jug.

Beautiful painting - I love the way you’ve composed it and made the facing Hibiscus so vibrant.

Red blue yellow, vibrant and lovely Shaun.

I knew this was yours immediately Shaun. Your unique style full of textures, colour and light. This is exquisite and especially the angle of the hibiscus which gives the whole painting such animation Shaun.

Many thanks to David, Heather,Denise,Val-Irene,Bobbie,Anne,Marjorie,Stephen,Sarah,Rachel,Carole and Carole.

Terrific example of marks and colour Shaun, your vase and cloth are gorgeous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media- acrylic and oil pastels Need to paint something bright again painted from memory but I really enjoy combining interior with exterior compositions.

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Shaun Byatt

I try to achieve vibrant colours in my paintings. I work intuitively with large flat brushes - I also try not to overwork my pictures and they are often completed in two sittings. I use good quality acrylics because of their excellent pigment content. I like to interpret what i see in front of me…

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