Interior with Daffodils, Lemon and Oranges.


Like the way the sunlight and shadow is illuminated across the table. The oranges and lemon pick out the colourful daffs.

Very well painted Shaun.

Not my subject but I must say that it caught my attention! Superbly balanced in both composition and colours, excellent Shaun.

This is really good Shaun, one of my favourites of yours. Would hang it on my wall any time.

Lovely vibrant colours Shaun, really like this.

This certainly has charm about it Shaun, super.

Beautiful Shaun. Such optimism and I love all the quirky shapes that make your painting very special.

A wonderful warmth emanating from your painting Shaun, a super example of capturing light and colour.

Good interpretation with a different slant on the composition.

I really like this Shaun. Your use of colour is wonderful, as always.

Many thanks for all your kind and supportive comments - really appreciated.

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Acrylic on canvas board 32x30ins. This is a large painting for me. I came across this scene in our dining room with its many light sources from outside and the light bouncing round the room - I did add the oranges and lemon!!!

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I try to achieve vibrant colours in my paintings. I work intuitively with large flat brushes - I also try not to overwork my pictures and they are often completed in two sittings. I use good quality acrylics because of their excellent pigment content. I like to interpret what i see in front of me…

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