Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?

This is adorable Seok, you are so talented. Lovely fresh watercolour. Wishing you A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Beautiful dogs, Seok, and love the wistful expressions!

Posted by Ann Cook on Mon 16 Dec 14:17:20

Stunning painting Seok, adore the expression on the face of the fog with the Santas hat on, how typical is that! We put things like that on them for pictures and they just shrug and look like that, oh no not again mum! type of look, it must have taken you ages to capture the cover they are laid on alone, they are such beautiful dogs and you have painted them fabulously here

What a cracking picture Seok, just love everything about it.

Hi Seok, just looked at this portfolio, don't know how I had missed this, what superb work.

Lovely work Seok and best wishes from me!

Lovely seasonal work Seok, very different expressions on their faces. have a joyful Christmas.

Lovely expressions and great colours, happy Christmas to you all.

Have to agree with all the above comments Seok, it is a delightful painting. Very skilfully done too. Have a lovely Christmas.

Lovely looking, beautiful dogs and aren't they lucky to have a bedding like that! Have a wonderful Christmas Seok!

They look fantastic Seok, love the expressions. Their beds look so comfy too. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas and x's for the dogs!

What a delightful trio Seok! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy and creative 2014.

These are so well painted and the bedding is fabulous. Have a lovely Christmas Seok, and a very Happy New Year.

Another great painting - it's all been said.

Really beautiful Seok. Wishing you the very best of the season....happy Christmas!

I'm sure your gorgeous dogs will have a wonderful Christmas and I wish the same for you Seok!

such elegant animals.... beautifully done.

Wow! Thank you so very much, everyone! Your very kind comments are very much appreciated!

Whippets? Lovely expressions - remind me of my Fox Terrier with her long nose! Well done Seok, and Happy Christmas.

Elegant is the word that springs to mind. It has all been said. Happy Christmas!

Lovely portraits.

Thanks so very much, Kim, Gudrun and Helen!

This is an amazing painting - just gorgeous. Love the dogs (but surely you don't call them by those very superior names all the time - do they have more pet names?) Anyway, that aside - just so impressed by the wonderful portraits of the three dogs - so hard to pull off.

These three are just so adorable Seok. Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year to you and your family.

Very well observed painting-I could look at all the shapes and details and see different things in it

Your kids are so lovely. A beautiful painting with their different expressions. All the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hang on Studio Wall

The kids mucking around with Santa's hat. Bella (Taejaan Rumour Hasit), Cara (Taejaan Portraito Alady) and Jonny (Sing. Ch. Taejaan Walk the LIne).

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