Stricken Giant

Stricken Giant

Lovely work yet again, love the gnarled branches, so much character.

Just beautiful - so well observed and then translated into this super painting. Your skill with greens is amazing.

Good work once again Seok, the bare gackground works well here.

Beautiful oak tree Seok

You've got the form, the shape, and the character of this great old tree. I like the palette you've chosen, too. A lot of painters here have trouble mixing greens - some have got quite afraid of them, by the sound of it. You might want to give 'em a tip!

Your usual lightness of touch and super style shows in this lovely watercolour Seok! Beautiful :)

You're great at painting trees, well done.

Agree with Robert - great use of greens.

Aged and gnarled, fabulous description in watercolour Seok.

So sad to see a dying tree. I have an oak tree in my garden reputed to be over 200 years old...not that I planted it. Mine looks heathy and vibrant and hopefully is a long way from this one. You havepainted it very beautifully and with sensitivity.

Cracking study piece, just love it.

Beautiful, I hope my little Oak tree grown from an acorn by a friend, lives as long.

Wonderful old tree Seok. I am trying your greens now thanks.

Thanks so very much, everyone! Robert, I have a great fear of greens, but lately have become a bit more adventurous in trying a couple of new colors. For anyone interested, I use for yellows: aureolin, Indian yellow, new gamboge and quinacridone gold, for blues:cobalt blue and pthalo blue, sometimes cobalt turquoise, for greens: hooker's green and to darken, burnt sienna and burnt umber. Sylvia, you'll be glad to hear that while the oak had become a victim of the forest fires that raged in California, it was recovering at the time I took a photo of it a couple of years ago.

Oak trees take such a long time to grow and this old man must be hundreds of years old as you said Seok. You have made a beautiful painting of it!

Everybody has said it already Seok, a grand old tree recorded for posterity in your own beautiful style.

Another stunner Seok

Thank you very much, Satu, Val, Gudrun and Glennis!

Perfect once again! The contrast of the living and dead is superb. I love the shapes made by tree skeletons.

Truly beautiful. I agree about the way you use green it's very skilled.

Thank you very much, Avril and Dawn!

Have just goe through your gallery and this one really stands out.The use of colour is superb and although the tree is dying you have given it true life.

Thanks very much, Diana!

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(A partially denuded, centuries-old oak tree at Eddy Ranch, Glenville, California.)

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