A Conversation at the Souk

A Conversation at the Souk

What a WONDERFUL watercolour Seok! I love it.

Wonderful indeed, Seok....the palette you use to create the whole feeling of the painting is just beautiful.

I agree with Ruth , it really amazes me what you can do with a very subdued palette and a lot of skill, I love the suggested patterns on the gold and the blue textiles.

I agree, beautiful palette and I love the feeling of bright sunlight with those wonderful shadows.

Seok Yam, This is so, so good and I love everything in this painting. Congratulations!!!

This is a beautiful watercolour, lovely composition, it is very well done

Very impressive figure painting, lovely work.

Just outstanding! really unique

Like Lesley says impressive figure painting. The angle the smaller man is holding his head is perfect, you just know he he listening intently to what the other man is saying. Super work, you just get better and better.

There is nothing more to say: this is again a wonderful painting. You can paint anything you want: it is always stunning, Seok!

Lovely! i love white on white- skillfully done.

Thank you very much, everyone! I feel very privileged to have received comments from so many artists whose works are just superlative. Val, thank you for your compliment. I'm glad someone thinks I'm improving because sometimes I feel like I am taking one step forward and a dozen steps back.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is lovely.

Thank you very much, Tony!

Missed this one - sorry. It is stunning - so simple but so beautifully observed, drawn and painted. I always love your subtle palette as well.

Thank you so very much, Thea, for taking the trouble to stop by!

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