Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen

Fantastic Seok - I love those patterns and shapes you've created

Just better and better........ such harmonious colours and wonderful textures. A pleasure to explore !

Beautiful Seok. A tapestry of pinks and greens....perfect!

A beautiful combination of watercolour and collage Seok. It looks as though you have used some of your monoprints to great effect!

Wonderful Seok, such a great design.<br />

Seok at her best absolutely Superb, great texture and a rhythm to this work really really good .

The collage works a treat Seok.

What a beauty this is Seok, both the flower and your interpretation of it, superb.

So many great aspects to this, colour, texture ,collage, plenty to keep the eyes pleasantly busy. Wonderful painting Seok.

Avril has already said it but I&#39;ll repeat it, these are getting better all the time! This painting is sublime with it&#39;s marvellous patterns and shapes and the colours too are so gentle and beautiful. Superb!!

You have a great eye for colour Seok. The variations of greens and pinks are lovely and the textures from the collage are beautiful.

Thanks so very much, everyone!

The collage and watercolour work so well together Seok, a beautiful piece of art work.

Thanks very much, Val!

Lovely collage work Seok and beautiful colours that sing!!

Love this Seok!!!!

Terrific Seok. A lovely artwork.

Beautiful. On par with the paintings you&#39;ve done in the green house, which are also beautiful.

Thanks very much, Chandra, Linda, Jennifer, Gudrun and Jenny!

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A wild rose in the forests of Mashobra, in the Indian Himalayas. Watercolor and collage mixed media work.

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