Oh my word, Seok, this is a stunner! The light and shade on the petals and the leaves is simply amazing and the flower stands out like a little clutch of gemstones against that dark background. Fabulous...

Wow - this really stands out Seok - I agree with all that Jane says. What a beautiful colour you have achieved with the flower. The greens - well what else can I say other than, stunning. Beautiful painting I am really envious!

Soo beautiful. The sunlight falling on the flowers and I can almost smell the rich earth around.

Super work Seok. I'm rather keen on dark backgrounds and the background certainly works well here. It's so well observed even down to the slightly chewed leaf that those creepy crawlies have been having a go at! Super work!

Another beautiful little gem Seok. The lighting is so subtle. There really is no end to your talent!

I agree with the other's comments, super work Seok and 'on the spot' too.

This is super Seok, the colours, composition and feeling of depth that I think you have created in this painting is first class, a really nice painting to add to your many fine works already in your portfolio.

Seok, you should be very proud of yourself producing such a sensational painting under the most intimidating of circumstances.........'creepy crawlies' !!

Beautiful painting Seok, I love the composition and the dark backgroun against the lovely plant

This is so magnificent! Warm, glowing colours and a beautiful subject. This is a real eye-catcher, Seok!

This just jumped right off the page at me, one of your finest oils IMHO. From the beautiful leaves to the jewel like colours of the flowers, simply stunning.

Thank you so much, every one, for your very encouraging and kind comments! It makes plein air painting almost worth it! I say "almost" because my enthusiasm for plein air is fading exponentially by the second!

Wonderful work Seok and thanks for your comments on my work too.

How perfect is that flower and leaves! I am amazed at your wonderful technique in producing such a painting. It's wonderful, Seok.

Beautiful painting Seok Yam, love that nibbled leaf. The colour of those flowers is simply stunning!

Beautiful Seok, well worth the time spent with the creepy crawlies! Love the colours in the flowers and the way they sweep down in a curve. Also like the half-eaten leaf.

It has all been said already, Seok. You are very accomplished in oil as well as watercolour, and it is always a treat to see what you post on here :)

So lifelike Seok,a beautiful painting.

Wonderful just one question how big is it ?

Thank you so very much, everyone! Neil, the painting is 30cm x 30 cm (12 in. x 12 in.) Not very big at all, because I haven't the courage to stay out painting for the entire week!

I understand lol

I love this one the best, Seok. It is so life like.

Hang on Studio Wall

Three days with the creepy crawlies in the garden. Painted en plein air.

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