In spite of the distractions, Seok, you've done a very good job with this one, and how lovely to be able to paint such beautiful flowers with them growing around you. And painted in oils, too - that must really have been a challenge outside. Many thanks for your encouraging comments on my humble postings recently.

Another nice painting Seok and in oil as well, I am more than impressed that you managed to paint this "PLEIN AIR" with all the other things going on around you, it cannot have been an easy task but the outcome can only be rewarding to yourself producing this fine piece, which I like very much, anothet great piece for you portfolio of flower paintings.

Sounds hard work painting outside, but you overcame the odds! Have only just found your gallery. It is marvellous, but I particularly like the peonies and the proteas.

It was all worth it in the end!

A very beautiful flower with which you have brightened up our winter! Lovely colours.

Good painting Seok. I'd put up with a few mosquitoes just to feel some hot sun! :)

How lovely to be able to sit in the garden and be surrounded by orchids. These are beautiful. You mention your whippets, I've missed seeing your whippet paintings in the gallery, such lovely dogs, I hope to see some more soon.

I have just discovered your lovely portfolio Seok - really super paintings. How I envy you - my garden is only just beginning to wake up from its winter sleep, but I do have some lovely hellebores braving the cold now.

Another great painting Seok - one of my favourite flowers and you have portrayed it beautifully, a lovely addition to your already incredible portfolia

A wonderful painting Seok - it is a joy to see your en plein air painting it's a long, long way from a dismal cold February here!

How lovely to have these exotic flowers in the garden - the most I have at the moment are cyclamen, crocus and hellebores - this is a gem of a painting and has that feel of being at one with the subjec.t

Thnk you so very much, everyone, for your very kind comments!

Beautiful painting Seok, I love your versatility.

Very colourful and well done in the circumstances Seok!

Beautiful work Seok as usual.

Wonderful colours and such a beautiful flower. I love your choice of background which really compliments the colours in the flower. Another super painting.

Thank you very much, Fiona, Carole, Denise and Thea!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted en plein air. It's orchid season in my parents' garden right now, and I thought I was overdue for an outdoor session. Hot sun, mosquitoes, a sudden shower, and whippets running round the paintbox - the joys of outdoor painting still totally elude me!

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