End of the Season


That is beautiful Seok. So tactile. I'd redecorate a room to accommodate that😊

Oh truly beautiful Seok magic like this diminishes every evil

Beautiful, Seok, so delicately done.

Beautifully said and painted!

What a beautiful composition, Seok.

Very delicately portrayed Seok, I’ve never tried rice paper but it sounds rather fragile for me!

Fabulous Seok, so delicate and beautifully painted.

Well said Seok, and a beautiful and delicate painting so well suited to the paper.

So beautiful and delicate Seok, I just love it.

I share your optimism Seok, and I echo previous comments about this beautiful and delicate work of art.

Beautifully delicate Seok, as previously said.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your very kind comments! Alan, I only tried rice paper recently for Chinese painting. It is like wet watercolor paper - everything spreads uncontrollably, except the paper is dry!

Really beautifully painted

Beautiful - so simple and yet so complex (if that makes sense).

Really beautiful, my eye just wants to keep travelling around it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Chinese Ink and Watercolor on Chinese rice paper The tomatoes, grown during our lockdown period, are on their last legs. Hopefully as the world emerges from lockdown, Covid-19 will also be on its last legs and at the end of its season soon.

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