Like the way You yoose brushes!

A decisive and intelligent statement of the chaotic, unstable and fractured world Satu. Your painting speaks volumes, far more than my last sentence......love the palette too.

Oh you're not, are you? In turmoil I mean. This turmoil looks very well planned to me Satu.

Excellent. Fiona, as always, has said what I think with much more eloquence than I could!

wow!is this a Turner? Satu lovely

Incredible, its got so much impact, wonderful work, well done.

Thank you all Juris, Fiona, Marjorie, Gudrun and David for your comments. Kiitos Michael! Marjorie, I am in turmoil with all the bad news these days. As for the painting, not a lot planned, just the colours mixed with sadness and frustration. But at least the sun is shining warmly and the birds are singing....

The freedom of your brush is superb - love it

Thank you very much Willie, your comment had arrived while I was writing the previous thanks.

So cool Satu..love it for it's life, colour and excitement!!

Thank you so much Lynne and Louise!

You have a knack with this sort of bold application Satu, very well done.

Great mark making - a super piece Satu

Mayhem perfect for this life at the moment, very nice Saturday .

It is and you've done a great job here Satu.

Thank you very much John, Michael, Dennis and Henry for your comments, much appreciated.

Yes you have captured the state of things Satu, Greatly expressed.

Thank you Carole, very kind.

Well this certainly came from the heart Satu. Very strong, spirit stirring work.

Oh, thank you Sarah for your kind words.

There was a strange bloke at the B/Mouth show a week ago who daubed some truly dreadful stuff on huge pieces of packing cardboard and priced them at £500. This work shows how an abstract thoughfully expressed, cleverly worked out can be very attractive

Thank you very much Derek for your comment, much appreciated. Some years ago I visited he Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and there was in one room a dirty white cupboard on the wall. I thought it was a cleaning cupboard but then saw the ticket attached. " Dirty Box" £ 15 000 or something hideous like that. What do THEY think we are?

Well Satu, it's all been said!! I love this chaos too - your palette and composition. Fantastic mountains coming through the mist or les vagues qui se fracassent sur les rochers! Plenty for the imagination here. Looooovely! (Happy hols!)

Thank you so much Avril, you are kind.

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The mad mad world.

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