The missing piece

The missing piece

Am staring at this for some time, Satu..I like the counterchange of colours, the balance, the composition, and I find it somehow very satisfying....but as yet I am not sure what the appeal is.....but I like it.

I love it Satu, Great composition and beautiful colours

I agree with Ruth.... difficult to analyse why I like it but I do ! Colours, shapes, contrasts..... a very pleasing piece.Will be popped up in no time, I'm sure.

A good balanced composition,Satu and I especially like your colour palette

I agree with Ruth et al - a great work

Thank you very much Ruth,Petra,Avril,Teresa and Michael for your encouraging comments.

Lovely palette and style

Your paintings are always a joy to look at! Super gallery. Well done.

Another super piece, Satu! Agree with Stephen, your paintings are a joy to behold. And totally inspirational. Love the colors, and the way you distil the shapes without losing integrity of form.

You certainly have a way with abstract paintings Satu, it is not my favourite genre and I don't pretend to understand it but I can look at your paintings all day, An art critic could no doubt write a novel about it full of their 'gobbledy gook' but it really comes down to , do I like it ? and I think quite a few of us do ,

Hang on Studio Wall

I started this painting in June before going on holiday and found it very difficult to finish after such a long time. Here it is now, the missing piece.

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