Low tide

Low tide

Very very effective, love the light on the horizon.

Agree wholeheartedly with Marjorie.

Agree, very effective and great luminosity on horizon. Unusual piece of work, but good.

Your own mix of brown Satu? It works very well in this piece and the arial perspective is rendered really well. Are those texture marks or some you scratched in? Again they work perfectly.

Nice painting and very effective, Satu. Great texture in the foreground.

Many many thanks Marjorie, Frank , Tanusree, Andre, Derek and Cesare for your lovely comments!<br />Derek, my own mixture of brown and the markings are mainly scratches. I had several transparent glazes to start with and then used my palette knife to create darker bits.

so beautiful Satu :)

This is such an emotive piece Satu, i can&#39;t help but think of WW1, trenches and &#39;no man&#39;s land.&#39; The light on the horizon is mesmeric and rather haunting.

Thank you ever so much Ivan, Maria and Russell for your comments! Russell, I think that No man&#39;s land would be a much better title for it. Thank you!

Superb I would put this on my wall

Thank you very much Gudrun and Helen!

Just a suggestion of shape and colour, a dreamlike quality....but is has worked , lovely use of subdued colour,

Great work Satu. I love the muted colours.

After coming back to this (for the umpteenth time) I have to agree with Russels comparison of a First World War scene, elements of Richard Jack the Canadian artist from that period, a very evocative piece of work Satu.

Such a great atmosohere has been created here and leaves plenty to the imagination, super work indeed Satu.

This has a beautiful quality Satu. The natural earthy colours and textures are wonderful.

You are all so kind, thank you so much Sylvia, Karen, Andre ( again!), Alan and Carole!

This takes me straight to the Lincolnshire Fens and salt marshes. When the slow ripples of the incoming tide are lapping around your feet and the distant mists echo with the ghostly call of the Curlew and Lapwing.....just fabulous Satu!! <br />Apologies if I have missed any other recent postings.

This is super, Satu, love the textures and colours, especially the warmer tones on the left.

Thank you very much Fiona and Jenny!

Beautifully moody piece Satu ... All the best for the new year

Imagination can run riot looking at this as every time I look at it I see it as something different. Atmosphere in paint brush fulls :)

Thank you very much Val, so kind.

These atmospheric subjects impress me more than any other, e.g. Aurora etc. Of course it's Turner's method and you do it as well as he. I think I like this method and style because it suits my temperament and personality - I like chaos more than order and the weather conveys chaos naturally. Perhaps it's because I've always had to do 'order' and this is my relief. Wife is well into order. Let's have more chaos! Thanks for your chaos Satu. You do order brilliantly as well but I love your disorder and chaos. Keep scratching.

Thank you ever so much for your long and kind comment Michael. I appreciate it a lot and if you can find inspiration from my chaos even better. Thanks again.

Hang on Studio Wall

Very limited palette, glazing, scraping and using a large flat brush. Acrylic on board 40 cm x 40cm.

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