City lights

City lights

I like this Satu, it has a still mystery to it. Lovely tones and highlights.

I agree, fabulous atmosphere to it, an icy coldness almost Satu.

Love it Satu masterly balance

This is just super, Satu - I love the composition, the shapes and the very muted cool palette. A stunning piece!

Thank you Fiona, Alan, Dennis and Seok for your kind comments!

The lack of life in this monochrome adds an air of mystery and tension to the scene. The viewer can make up a story all of their own, lovely work.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 21 Nov 18:10:15

Very nice in a very different way to your usual work but one thing about you Satu you take on anything and that&#39;s a great quality well done indeed<br />

Thank you very much CA and Dennis for your lovely and encouraging comments!

Still and dark. Hugely affective. Very Nordic, which is hardly surprising ....

All those tones make this very atmospheric Satu! Lovely!

Many thanks Gudrun and Sarah!

I could never paint using these sombre tones Satu but you have produced a really lovely atmospheric piece. Superb!

Thank you very much Christine! You are quite right, these dark colours wouldn&#39;t suit your style at all. This is Nordic Noir. This is time when the nights were illuminated by gas lamps, dwellings were cold and only the villains were outside trafficking illegal alcohol. No colours there.

Terrific, Satu! Unusual palette which is perfect for the composition. Love it!

Thank you very much Jennifer!

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this from an old photo which was taken in Helsinki 1925 by Kalle Havas. Permission by Helsingin kaupunginmuseo. Acrylic 50cm x 50 cm

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