What a superb result though Satu...I feel as though the flames are jumpimg out through the screen...A lovely vibrant and dare I say, firey picture!!!

Explosive! Great colours too!

I love this explosion of colour Satu, well of course I would, I thought it was one of my skies at first glance.

Very effective, Satu.

Oh don't give up on oils Satu! Treat yourself to some new ones - you deserve it!😉 Now...about this - fantastic, wonderful, exciting, a total success. I've got to get out of my comfort zone and try something like this- fancy running some courses?

Very fiery and vibrant, Satu. Like Marjorie, it inspires me to try something quite out of my comfort zone!

You&#39;re not going to have any kind of satisfactory experience with white spirit - the stink of it is enough to send me reeling backwards, although like a fool I still use it to clean up the palette: I&#39;d never mix it with paint. I wouldn&#39;t be over keen on getting it on my fingers, either..<br /><br />Even so, you&#39;ve got a good result from unpromising materials: treat yourself to a new set of oil paints. I&#39;ve got to bite on that bullet soon, because I&#39;m running very low on all the most expensive colours but - got to be done!

A great piece of a series Satu

From afar the vulcano is certainly errupting!!! Very effective.

Wow this looks explosive Satu, brilliant! You should do more of these you have very crafty fingers!

Loving the incendiary nature of this work!

I don&#39;t know how you manage to make all your paintings so exuberant and colourful...... the touches of blue are perfect too. Bravo once again.

You are all so wonderful and generous with your lovely comments! Thank you so much Chandra, Christine, Alan, Cesare, Marjorie, Jenny, Robert, Dennis, Gudrun, Carole, Karyn and Avril.<br />It&#39;s really great if my work inspires you to try something different and after this positive feedback I might buy a couple of new tubes. Robert, you are right, the white spirit nearly knocked me over and now I know not to mix it with oils and that I have to get sans odeur cleaning stuff. I did wear disposable cloves! Thanks again!

This mess is a triumph of expression Satu. I can&#39;t use Oils anymore because of clumsiness and dexterity but wish I could.<br />Might sell them on.

This is an amazing and gorgeous painting Satu, I love it. :) <br /><br />My apologies Satu for commenting late, had internet problems over the weekend..

Thank you very much for your lovely comments Derek and Maria! I&#39;m sorry Derek that you cannot use oils anymore but you can express yourself so well with other media. Maria, no need at all to apologise, I only posted this yesterday and anyway we don&#39;t always have time to comment on every posting even if we wanted to. Thanks again!

Wow! Satu, I agree with Marjorie......give us some lessons in expression. You could set us a challenge to help us explore this method, how about it, I&#39;m game!lol<br />It is amazingly bold and explosive....love it!

Great colour just wow!

Brilliantly hot!!!!!!!!!

Vibrant surprise, Satu....What you mix, you get!

Thank you very much Fiona, Linda, Russell and Ruth for your lovely comments! Challenge.... I&#39;ll think about it, Fiona. Could be fun!

Wow! How vibrant Satu! A feast for the eyes.

Stunning burst of colour and expression Satu

Many thanks Sarah and Lynne!

Beautiful wild and beautiful piece of work

Thank you very much Dermot!

Fabulously fiery, excellent textures and energy, Satu!

Thank you Seok, very kind!

Hang on Studio Wall

I dug out my old oil paints yesterday because I really wanted to give them a go. They were not in good condition any more but I managed to use some colours by adding white spirit. Not satisfactory at all! At the end I used my finger to mix this mess and decided not to use oils any more.

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