Summer storm

Summer storm

Wow, Satu, there's something very Turner-esque about this piece! I love it - you've captured the raging storm and the angry waves beautifully.

Great expressive brushstrokes Satu, I can almost feel the sand in my eyes. On an abstract level, the shapes are very exciting. For some reason it reminds me of a Turner !

This is really exciting. The strokes and colours make this. I find the strokes stronger than Turner, but the colours similar. It is a Vartiainen!

Well, we all, so far, think of Turner! It's a lovely painting.

I'm not going to say it, but yes, a certain great painter also crossed my mind!. I do love abstract art and find it so interesting, looking at all the shapes, tones and colours, and this lives up to my expectations, nice work Satu.

Very nice texture.

Thank you very much Seok, Sharon, Gudrun, Marjorie, Alan and Tanusree for your kind comments. So much valued.

As several have already said, very Turneresque. Great lively brushmarks giving a real feeling of movement and wind.

Thank you very much Dennis and Val!

Amazing colours and movement's gorgeous!

Interesting, lots to look at, attractive, great colours and movement. I like it too.

Wonderful - so energetic and poetic - I can feel the wind whipping everything in its path. Beautiful work, Satu.

Really special - one of the best abstracts on the site for some time.

Great energy and colours

Posted by K 0 on Tue 14 Jul 08:26:58

I agree with others Satu as the painting is so Turner. Very soft romantic painting, great atmosphere.

Thank you ever so much Fiona, Helen, Thea, Michael, Kevin and Carole for your comments.

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Acrylic painting on board 30cm x 60cm

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