It's hard giving titles, mine just seem to come to me as I'm painting. She is beautiful. Can't help with the title sorry, give it time it will come.

How about "Expectation" for the Title? I bet mono oils look great in real life!

So difficult to give titles. The Mona Lisa nailed it with a name, perhaps then just her name? Sorry it's the best I can come up with. Beautiful work again.

This is the same lovely lady you have painted previously? Beauty in Monochrome/light. Gorgeous subtle painting, everything about this including the blouse is smashing.

Superb Sarah. Wish I could paint portraits like this :). For a title how about Quiet anticipation. Just a thought lol. Superb skills.

Lovely portrait again. She has a ' sanguine' look, optimisic and hopeful I would say.

I'd go with Pauls suggestion - her expression suggests anticaption to me!

Forgot to say - beautiful painting!!!

Your portraits are exceptional and I think Pauls suggestion suits it sooooo well.

My Gosh, thank you, each and every one of you. I do usually develop titles as I paint, but these two latest works happened so fast, I did not have the chance. Your comments in the area of "anticipation" and "expectation" are developing title ideas righ tnow. Paul, I am particularly drawn to your "quiet anticipation" idea. I may adopt something close to that, if not that exactly. I certainly appreciate all your super words - thank you, thank you.

Brilliant painting, monochrome can be so effective in oil ... there's something hopeful in the expression, even of gratified surprise, but try working that into a title!

Thank you Robert. I am settling on the title of "ambiguity" - but none of it is 100% yet! Thanks again.

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This is another monochromatic experiment - comments?

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