Casting shop

Casting shop

I think we can well imagine the noise Robert! This is a super atmospheric rendering of your memory of the inside of this casting shop, metal clashing against metal in enclosed environments was an all too common day on day workday noise for many in the past

This is great. It has a wonderful atmosphere and I particularly like the warmth against the gloom.

Wow you have a great memory. Bags of atmosphere. Lovely to see a painting like this.

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Oil 16 x 12 I had no references available for this painting so its purely from memory of the many times I walked through the shop, the details are not correct but it gives a good idea of conditions, just wish I could paint in the noise!

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Robert Ward

Been painting and drawing in my spare time for fifty years give or take a year or two here and there and I did think retirement would give me more time to paint, how wrong can you be.

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