Manorbier Castle from the beach

Manorbier Castle

Such a good drawing Robert and I agree that the 'lockdown' is affecting our way of thinking. One good thing though is that the air seems to be much cleaner because of the lack of traffic, we're appreciating nature more and people are being kinder towards their neighbours. Some good has come from the bad and hopefully we'll be better people once this is all over.

Great drawing

Thank you Louise and Heather, I agree about the air quality and people being kinder, I heard that perhaps this fine weather we are experiencing is due traffic being severely restricted in most of the worlds heavily populated countries? I hope I not or politicians will use it as an excuse to tax us off the roads. :-(

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Manorbier Castle from the beach. Pencil A4....This lock down is having some strange effect's, doing far more drawing and not much painting, which is the reverse of how I thought it would be. Brings home just how much we have taken our freedom for granted.

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Been painting and drawing in my spare time for fifty years give or take a year or two here and there and I did think retirement would give me more time to paint, how wrong can you be.

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