Pen - Y - Ghent (1)

Pen - Y -  Ghent

Know exactly what you mean Richard, tried to get the same myself today. The cloud, is my favourite bit, it sets the whole washed version up wonderfully.

Looking good, the sky is a good colour and seems to have a pinkish tinge suggesting a change in the weather.

Yes Richard excellent work

Great addition the splash of greyish cloud Richard.

Colours a lovely addition :)

Lovely, Richard, adding colour makes such a difference, love the pink and mauve.

Thank you everybody for your always encouraging comments. Much appreciated especially from fellow artists whose work I admire and enjoy.

What a lovely scene! I especially like the sheep and your bright colours.

Thank you Rosella, I enjoy doing these sketches with bits / splashes of colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 Mixed Media Pad, Watercolour "washes", on original Pen & Ink sketch. Am quite pleased but I tried to make the sky not summer blue, but "pending" cloudy blue/ grey. (if you know what I mean !!)

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