Summer Creek , Norfolk

Summer Creek , Norfolk

A wonderful rich and colourful scene Sarah some lovely pastel marks. How do you like the fisher 400?

Beautiful rich colours Sarah.

Thank you Fiona for your comments. As for the Fisher card, it is my favourite surface for pastels. In fact, the sea is mainly left free of any pastel , but in other parts it holds layers of pastel very well.

Thank you Sandra. Thats the beauty of pastels, they are so vibrant.

Very nice Sarah, love the colours and composition

Lovely painting Sarah

Such lovely warm colours Sarah, a beautiful Summer day.

Lovely use of pastel Sarah, a lot going on here!. I must try this Fisher 400 card sometime., is it reasonably thick to work on, and what surface does it have?

David, Dennis, Carole and Alan thankyou for all your very nice comments. Also for taking the time to leave them too. Alan, the Fisher 400 is a course surface that has a long tooth and can retain a lot of pigment without having to spray it with fixative. I have found other papers/card to ruin if water or blobs of fixative land on the surface of my pastel. The marks do not dissapear. Now I don't know if I've been lucky so far but I find that this does not happen with Fisher 400. Please look at Tim Fisher' website for more info and beautiful examples of his work on this paper/ card. In my opinion the best on the market. Let me know what you think of it if you decide to buy some. All the best.

Thanks Sarah, I'll look into it, sounds great.

Great colours and composition, Sarah. Beautiful landscape.

Thank you very much for your comments Mia. Much appreciated.

Lovely vibrant scene Sarah. I too like Fisher 400 for working on though it can be rather sore on the fingers if you like to do a lot of blending.

That looks lovely Sarah. I wish I could get on with pastels but I find them too messy!! I shall stick to my coloured pencils, lol.

Thankyou Val and Margaret for your nice comments. I agree about the blending hurts your fingers and I find pastel pencils help to get a more refined line and saves the skin a bit more . I did not blend too much in this picture but I usually do in others.lm getting more squeamish as I get older, lol!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on Fisher 400 card.

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