Abstracted Angus McDougall

Abstracted Angus McDougall

You have summed up the character of this Aberdeen Angus perfectly in this gouache, and what better way to while away a couple of days heatless apart from the fan heater, great job!

Wonderful character! I am really taken with this style with very bold blocks of colour describing the shapes. It is very effective and eye catching. Glad the boiler is fixed - it is not a time to be without some form of heating!

I really love this Val as Thea says it is so eye catching. Beautiful colours too!

Is this a scottish Andy Wharhol I see before me Love this Val.

Now this is a real beaut Val - just love the way you have tackled it

Thank you Ros, Thea, Christine, Jim and Michael. I enjoyed painting this one and gouache, unlike watercolour, is quite forgiving so not too much angst involved :) Jim, Scottish Andy Wharhol, I wish LOL

I'm catching up with the gallery posts and this took my eye. Lovely.

You've captured the essence and the form beautifully, Val. Super!

Great painting, I love the posterised effect that you have got. I can't stop myself from saying that it looks more like a Heilan Coo than an Aberdeen Angus, the Angus is a naturally polled breed, ie, no horns. Sorry, I'll shut up now...

Thanks for your lovely comment Alita. Angus is a heilan coo who just happened to be named Angus. Confusing I know :) He ( the painting) went to a new home shortly after painting this.

Aaaaaah! That explains a lot. :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted in gouache it passed away a pleasant few hours over two days whilst ensconced in my "studio" with a fan heater going full blast, while a mechanic worked on the broken central heating boiler. Needless to say it's breakdown coincided nicely with the recent fall of snow but, I'm glad to say I'm as warm as toast again now. Thanks for taking a peek.

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