Little Big Horn

Little Big Horn

The only critique I can offer is praise for a superb 'portrait' of this lovely creature - a real success Val

I think its great :) just glad I'm not in the same field as him as he looks like he means business :)

Val, the more I look at this ram the more I love him! The horns especially are very cleverly executed. He has a wise look about him!

Love the ram Val, especially his horns, excellent detail. Is it colourfix paper you used? not turn your back on him though..! He looks very powerful...!

Val you have captured the power and stubornness of this Blackface? ram. The horns are brilliantly done. PS does your 'intellectual intermissions' have anything to do with having a bit more water with it?!Lol.

Great portrait of a handsome beast, lovely pastel work.

Wonderful horns, a powerful picture.

Thank you everyone for your kind words on my attempt at this big brute of a beast. Actually he is from a tourist atrraction/ childrens farm in the Trossachs and is quite docile really:) Hazel, yes it is colourfix, that and Fisher 400 are my favourite supports for pastel. Fiona, you've got me sussed LOL


gorgeous, Val, horns to die for ! and they are beautifully 3 dimensional

Val that slight change made a world of difference. It looks just great now. What a character and his horns are terrific

I love this one, Val! He looks like he has a sense of humor, and that evil glint in the eye is fab!

I wouldn't even attempt it ! A great painting Val.

Thank you so much Debs, Jenny, Diana, Seok and Denise.

What a stunning piece of work! This is really beautiful .....the colours, his huge horns and all on a perfet background. An eye catcher. A happy Christmas to you too - probably with lots of snow! Many thanks for all your lovely comments throughout the year, Avie.

Hang on Studio Wall

I shouldn't have posted this next to Carole's as she will be as sick of the sight of this face as I am LOL .Carole and Diana have been advising me on this one as I've had the devil of a job with his face, it's still not quite right but much better than it was. Thanks both :) Comment and critique welcomed.

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