Muirside Man

Muirside Man

Very striking! Great colour, and he looks textured even without tissue parts.

Very original sculpture and you have painted it very well. I like the background colour and the texture of the tissue paper is very striking. Well done and thanks for your comments on venice. Good luck for your exhibition.

Yes Val, I agree with the above striking it is. I love the tissue paper effect. I like the way you have painted it colour everything. Very well done.

This is great. You have given the look of heavy steel about it. The shadows in parts of the sculpture give it a 3 D effect.

A very dramatic picture, Val; I like the way the tones of the mottled bits oppose that of the surface to give a metallic effect.

Yes, I like it - love the tissue paper - not brave enough to try something different like that. Love the way you have "built" the sculpture

It looks very good to me too well done Val...oh a proper signature then....

Thank you one and all for your lovely comments. Carole S, pleased you picked up on the 3D effect which is what I was aiming for. I added some silver paint to the colours in the sculpture so the light catches it differently depending on which side you view it from. Delivered all the paintings this morning so I can relax again now. Not too hopeful about sales in this economic climate but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again.

Hi Val that ugly one...he aged that way....if ever you remember the artist, please let me know...thank you as ever for viewing & commenting.

Really interesting, Val!

Val, thank you for your comment on my Jazza. I am painting a cat now - not a cat lover but this one was very interested in Jazza in Castelnou France. Velour is a lovely surface to work on. I wonder what it would be like to do a portrait? Might have a go one day, it's great for fur!

This is great. Very striking! I do hope you sell something- it is such a good feeling isn't it? I love the sharp blue really brings out the sculpture. Many thanks on your comments on 'Autumn Joy'.

Val, thank you for your comments on my last posts. I was particularly pleased with Iris - I painted that quite quickly and yet Grace which I mentioned the other day I am struggling with. That's the way it goes.

A nice one Val. The colour scheme would suit my lounge too! Boxed canvas as well? All my canvases are boxed! This makes it convenient for the carriers when they deliver! Sorry couldn't resist it. :) I am old fashinoed and like canvases framed. But someone has asked me to do a 'trio' of frameless canvases. The commission was, 'You know the sort of thing. Clay pots and green bottles!' Ummm! Gives me scope, but by Christmas? Looks like it will have to be acrylics! Nice work again Val and thanks for the directions on finding artists' galleries. Regards John

Hang on Studio Wall

Boxed canvas 39cm / 29cm. Something a little different for me. After being asked to provide some more local scenes for an exhibition, and as I don't like doing landscapes, I thought I would paint this local scupture. Done by a famous Scottish guy, Andy Scott, whose famous "Heavy Horse" stands at the side of the M8. Visit his website for more amazing sculptures, worth a look. Although I don't really like acrylic that's what it is painted in as It needed to be dry very quickly. I also painted on tissue paper to give it texture and the feeling of the wind blowing through it. Don't ask me why his arms turn into trees, to my shame I can't remember!!

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