Hot Hot Roses.

Hot Hot Roses.

I love how dramatic this is, the background is very atmospheric. The roses for me are perfect and i like the vase :-)

It certainly makes one feel of hot sunny days, Val! Your roses are beautifully painted with such skill. I can see what you mean about the vase as the white may be a little out of step with the hot colours of the rest of the painting, but what to do about it - you will know better than me. However, I don't think the vase detracts from the painting one little bit - it might prove in the end that the little area of coolness is what the painting needs and if you changed it you might lose this? Super work.

Nothing wrong with this and I didn't even notice the vase colour so, in my eyes, everything about it is OK.

super hot colour Val. I wouldn't change a thing :)

Beautifully observed roses Val, like this composition.

This is a lovely composition Val. I think your colours Work really well together anD I think you need the whIte colour of the vase - it really adds contrast and gives more power to the roses and the background. I wouldn't change anything - it is a super image as it stands.

Lovely painting, good roses and great vase, I agree with Julie wouldn't change anything.

This is a great painting. Not good on advice yet, but Thea knows a lot!

I really wasn't sure about this one so I genuinely appreciate all the compliments and advice, thank you so much Rebecca, Thea, Sarah, Louise, Lesley, Julie, Glennis and Pat.

Well done Val, Roses are beautifully painted.

I like this Val. I think the background works very well. I think in reality there would be some orange or green in the vase reflections, but if you changed too much you'd risk losing the vase altogether. I would leave it as it is

Super work Val as always, love the title too!

I just love it, Val: especially the hot (!), warm, vibrant colours. I also love the contrast of the bright foreground rose and petals against the dark background. To me: nothing wrong with the white vase. Well done :) Mia

This is delightful, Val, and I think the vase and background works very well. It's quite lovely as it!

What a lovely lot you are :) Thank you so much Lorraine, Paul, Debs, Mia and Seok for your kind and helpful comments.

Scorching Val!! What vase? I think it looks great!

Beautiful roses and the background is so rich and well done Val. Another winner in my book!

I never thought for one minute that this would receive so many positive comments so thanks Fiona and Carole much appreciated.

Beautifully painted roses and a great composition :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Sun glasses required I think LOL When I'd completed the roses I thought it was just too chocolate boxy and bland looking so I 've tried to spice it up by atempting to make the vase and background more contemporary. Not sure if it works though. I'm toying with the idea of changing the colour of the glass vase for starters. Any thoughts? C & C very welcome.

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