Not suprised it's busy with artists, looks so quaint. Lovely vibrant image Val.

Excellent stuff Val, love those blocks of vivid colour all interlocking. best Mick

Great place for artists to get ideas for painting Val, know the area quite well, and you have produced a nice vivid image in this nice piece .

Love the shapes and Colours- nice one Val

Thank you Debs, Mick, Graham and Michael for looking and taking the time to leave such encouraging comments, but seeing it on the screen there is something about the road and foreground cobbles that's bugging me, maybe the perspective??? Anyway I can't quite put my finger on it. Any suggestions anyone? Be brutally honest I can take it LOL

This is such a lovely piece, Val - pretty without being twee. Love the colors. The high horizon line gives it a really interesting perspective and works really well.

It's lovely Val, the colours are great, and really interesting shapes.

Very colourful Val, looks a very pretty area.

What an interesting village! I love all the quirky little cottages with their coloured walls. A very pretty interpretation of the scene.

Beautiful highlight on the foreground building, and love those windows... :)

Watcha Val, I'm not going to be brutal, the pic is too good for that. I think your problems with the perspective come from colour temperature, if you were to cool down those orange cottages at the end of the road on the left, the pic would start to zoom away, Simarly, cool the distant road to imply distance. best Mick

Watcha Val, sorry, forgot a bit, I know all orage tints are hot, but you could make the colour less strident with some areas of, say lemon yellow with it and mixed in the orange. best Mick

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and you Mick for your good advice, I'll give it a try.

Hi Val, and thank you for your comment on my latest posting, nice to be in touch again. Been catching up on what i've been missing. There are some really lovely colour blends here, and such a quaint atmosphere....makes me want to be away off on holiday!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of the side streets in Culross, Fife, a little village on the banks of the river Forth which is quite picturesque and often busy with artists in the summer. The gallery there, which has a little cafe, have yummy chocolate brownies!

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