Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Val, I think you have managed to do that. Very well done - skin colour is great.

I love this one - and dont just feel it reflects the heat but also the bright African fashion and style. I had fun doing a similar bright red one of a lady in Worcester Mkt, big pastel of acrylic ink. Everyone thought it was in India - well in a way it was I suppose! :-) I only have a slight mis giving about one area that I feel detracts - well for me? All above her hand is great, and I can live with that alone in itself - but the ground some how pulls me away and also the signature so dark and where it is? None the less - only nit picking - its a strong work! :-)

Thanks for the help re 'glass paper;. I shall try it. This is great. Thats why I love pastels you can get such wonderful bright colours. The heat comes through very well.

I'll answer you on this lovely pastel again - it is so colourful. I use Bockingford 200lbs/425gsm NOT (doesn't cockle I do not have to tape it - I watercolour the painting first wet in wet and then pastel over I found that by mistake really. I did a Degas in watercolour didn't like it - then pastel over the top - found the pastel adhered really well. Doing it all the time now. I use light washes for brightness and keep that in if I think it adds to the painting. I have had a set of pastel pencils never used. I thought I would use them for the faces for fine detail - I don't find them over great - can't sharpen them very well. Have you used them and how do you sharpen them? what make do you use? And which make pastels do you find the best? Any tips would help. I find some whites are better than others. The Daler Rowney white seems best so far. What do you think? Best wishes Jeannette x

Another one with your wow factor Val...I like it and as PW notes the signature seems somehow in the wrong place a nit-pick true...perhaps you have the subject walking a little too far out of the composition? another nit-pick I know...

Hang on Studio Wall

Soft pastel 6" / 9" Tried to convey the heat of the country.

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