Bow Bells

Bow Bells

I actually like the almost hard edge to the purple shadows. I think it add a certain freedom to the painting. I know nothing about oil painting, but you have created an image of lightness, delicacy and wonderful colour and I always though oil was a heavy medium! I stand corrected.

What a super image. I think that it is very graphic and fresh and although you are not satisfied we as viewers havent seen the original and so the " faults" which you identify are not obvious. It has the feel of a studio lit study, in the lighting, but none the worse for that in my humble opinion.

Hi Val. what can I say? Your leading resident art critic [aka your hubby] has expressed an opinion. While not wishing to cause disharmony...I disagree and side with Norder. This, as ever, delicate floral work of yours would be just a run of the mill floral work without your fabulous petal shadows...

PLEASE Val, don,t change a thing, it really is quite stunning, sorry to disagree with your Hubby, but I think he has got it wrong. Best wishes Bill.

Wowww! what a beautiful painting! Don't do anything. Yes, the purple shadow is a little hard edged but doesn't bother the beauty and harmony of the image. I love it.

Thank you all for your kind positive comments.Just told Hubby he doesn't know what he's talking about ! Decided to put it away out of sight for a while, then view it again with fresh eyes to stop me doing something drastic with it and ruining it completely. Gosh it's hot here today, 27 on the patio, don't get that very often in Scotland. LOL

Wow Val, this is great work ! stunning. I would not try to improve anything. Hubby does not paint or does he ?

Thanks Beatrice. Hubby is my photographer, he only paints walls and ceilings ! LOL

Phil? How could you side with Norder when I hadn't said a word? Maybe I'm a ghost writer lol. Actually Val I love it withe the shadows. It gives it depth . The hard edges look like dew running down the petals, not something you spilled, maybe after rain.

Gorgeous work Val. This really hit me. Don't change a thing. Missing painting but just can't. Too much going on - had a scare with mum too. Will check back soon. Jeannette x

Very fresh and realistic, a superb piece of work!

Thankyou Val for your comments and the welcome back, been a little poorly .

Whoops Mel. does the reading thing with glasses on and little ouzo in the blood stream...agreed with...Thea Cable....sorry Diana

Hello Val, Thank you very much for your very kind comments on my work, it is very much appreciated. Sorry for the delay in replying. Your flower paintings are spectacular, colourful and well painted, a joy to view. Your work inspired a group of students who I tutor for M.I.N.D. to express themselves more freely, they had a great time painting large images and using bold colours. Thank you. Kind regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Tue 09 Jun 07:41:42

Thank you Geraldine, much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. Advice needed urgently! Originally started from life then finished from a photograph. The photo was taken in bright sunlight and casting shadows on the flowers which I couldn't decide whether to include or not. I've just finished glazing in the purple shadows but not very happy with it, ( Hubby thinks it looks as though something has been spilled on the canvas!!) Any ideas on what to do to improve it gratefully received before I take a turps laden rag to it !

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