Horses 4 Courses Doodles Series. Number: Six.

Horses 4 Courses Doodles Series. Number: Six.

Another lovely one John

I like this one, John - lovely design and colours, it appears to have an almost metallic look in places. (Would look good on a plain black or indigo background.)

I get a strong feel of ceramic here John. Great effect.

Really great John, some lovely colours in this.

Thanks Margaret, Yes Michael I used to do a lot of ceramics at on time. Thank you.

Another lovely horse, John. How about Painting a carousel horse, to my match my Goose Fair Painting?

Hi Ellen I wil keep a carrousel hores in mind. None of these horses are meant to be finished articles. Just pushing myself to be creative about representing the horse in as many way that I can in my sketchbook. Who knows it may well spark off a large painting. Thanks for your comment.

I like this best John, looks like mosaic a bit.

Another lovely creation John, has the look of a Trojan horse.

Wonderful colours.

A beautiful mosaic horse John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook work on the horse and how many ways I can find to portray this magnificent creature. Medium: Oil pastel, pen, and watercolour.

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