Who Is This?

Who Is This?

Haven't a clue but great drawing skills shown

Thanks Derek. I would not have had a clue myself if she had not said it was her.

No can't get this one John great drawing though.

She looks like the girl that was murdered by the environmental terrorists in last night's Swedish drama! good drawing from memory though!

drawn a blank on this one John nicely drawn though

Lovely drawing John, very expressive.

Victoria Beckham at a distorted angle :)

Yes Louise, it could be Victoria Beckham.

It's a cracking drawing John but I haven't got a clue who it could be.

I also think Victoria Beckham. Anyway it is a good drawing, John.

Hmm John, very intriguing and expressive. Hmmmm

Now you mention her - it could be.

Thank you all folks your input has been very much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick sketch, 6B pencil and charcoal pencil. Size A5. This is a selfie taken by a pop star. I have often wondered what her face really looked like. She took the snap at a slightly distorted angle as you can see in my sketch.

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