Please Walk This Way

Please Walk This Way

Splendid John, I 'd love to walk down that path right now. I admire the way you paint foliage, just the right amount of detail, impressionistic, yet very real.

Lovely fresh painting, John, beautiful range of greens.

To cope with all those greens so well is masterful John, a superb pastel.

Thank you Lewis, Jenny and Alan. It’s just observation Alan all those greens. Your comments are appreciated.

Lovely picture, John. Would love to walk that way.

An inviting prospect in the sunshine John. Nice work.

Thanks Jim and Shirley. Your comments are appreciated.

Beautiful colours, I'd walk down that way any time! Just love your range of greens.

What a beautiful walk John very beckoning beautifully done.

Thank you Sandra and Carole, appreciated.

Very inviting, John.

Like it very much, Claude Monet would have appreciated this painting, John.

Lovely lush greens and the yellow iris just adds interest to the foreground.

I think I'd have been lost in all the different greens and shapes excellent John.

Thank you Linda, Annick and Dennis. Just keep to the pathway Dennis. Lol. Appreciated.

Would love to walk down that beautiful path! So many lovely greens!

Your love of pastels shine through in this John. A lovely scene confidently pastelled.

This is a beauty John, I'd like to walk down the path and see where it goes!

So many greens not easy to work with, but you managed to utilise them and arrange them to creat a lovely piece of art.

Thank you Thalia, Sarah, Margaret and Andre. You comments are very much appreciated.

Masterful greens John, the tone and colour are so similar yet you have individually described each and every shrub and tree. That’s clever!

I certainly will John......well scooter this way lol. Gorgeous variety of greens and a glorious of colour. Very beautiful.

Hang on Studio Wall

En Plein Air pastel, size 10x8 inches. This is in the grounds of Norton Priory Cheshire.

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