I mentioned pastel painting in the forum yesterday so though a pastel upload would be appropriate. There is a white bar down the side of the image on the right caused by the glass reflection. Thanks for viewing.

Interesting mark making John , had initially thought this was oil or acrylic. Works well.

Great greens and contrasting shadow areas, top work John.

Really autumnal - definitely doesn't look like pastel so really interesting.

Beautiful colors of the season. Full of life and energy.

John you get some wonderful pastel results. I couldn't cope with the dust but I do think pastel is a medium that brings out the best in the artists who have mastered it (as you have). This is just beautiful.

A real sense of light illuminating the landscape!

You always get the light right, John. Well done!

Good to see you posting again, John - a lovely sunlight scene.

Such shimmering colours John. Love the light and the use of harmonising colourshere.

beautiful painting and beautiful colours.

Beautiful Autumnal glow to this, John!

Wonderful pastel, John, beautiful colours and windy effect.

Thank you all for you comments. Sylvia, Alan, Heather, Georgiana, Sandra, Linda Wilson, Jenny, Carole, Linda, Maureen, Chandra, and Cesare. Very much appreciated, thank you.

Wonderful light John, beautiful brush marks.

Perfect title John. Beautiful light and textures.....lovely to see your work again on the gallery.

Beautiful green shading with sunny spots, very inviting John. Good to see your work again.

This is beautiful.

Elegant impressionism

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pastel on primed paper. Size 9x7 inches 23x18cm. Painted out on location on a windy day. The clouds raced by causing sudden flashes of bright light to fall on the landscape. There is a bit of a white bar on the right side of the image cause by reflection from the glass.

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