The Corn Mill 1661

The Corn Mill 1661

Good grief John, I don't put this amount of work into a painting never mind a study.....shame on me! It has an old fashioned romantic feel to it.

Thanks Fiona. Should I take some of then lol.

I know I keep saying this John, but this is yet another amazing piece of artwork briliant

Study??? Must admit the pig face glancing at us from the gables distracts me.

Lol....gosh no, but don't you feel it's a completed piece in it's own right? If I had done this much of a detailed study of the subject, I think I would consider it done! Have you already done the painting from this study?

Fiona a horizontal oil version is in my Mixture gallery. I also did a very large landscape version in pastel. But I do not have a photo of it.

Derek, it's a grinding stone. Thanks Aldo Jenny very kind.

Clever Mr Inkson, can't believe this is a study! Beautiful old world scene John.

brilliant study, your painting will be hard pressed to improve on this John. The light you have captured in this is excellent .well done a gold star for this one son

Stunning rusticism John lovely

I recall the earlier version you posted, John, which I really liked. Like this as well, though, but it has a softer feel to it being pastel.

Blimey! My studies are scribbles compared to this John. How long did this take then?

Thanks Carole, David and Dennis. Wow a gold star as well.

No more than two hours Marjorie. Thank you for your input.

Thanks Jenny I did a large landscape version in pastel size 30x20 inches. But I do not have a photo of it.

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A3 Pastel on 3oolb primed watercolour paper. A study done before the painting.

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