Autumn Sketch. (Out On Location.)

Autumn Sketch. (Out On Location.)

Really love this sunlight John and the way it lights up the underneath of the leaves.

Very colourful, John, and a great feeling of sunlight. (Out of interest, what does marble dust add to a painting?)

Beautiful bright colours and wonderful light, John.

Thanks Adele, Cesare, Jenny marble dusk gives a superb grip for pastel painting. Enriches the colour and holds it firmly in place. I also us it in palette knife painting as it adds to the textural surface. I mix it into the primer.

I like those red/Browns coming through John, they add heat to the painting. Lovely light too.

Beautiful love the colouring on this artwork

love this I really like the immediacy of it super colours and powerful piece John

Thank you. Your comments are appreciated, Marjorie, Jenny and Dennis.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel 10x8 inches. On primed marble dust and acrylic ground cartridge paper.

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