14th Century Rugby Player

14th Century Rugby Player

Just brilliant, John! I could definitely fall for him!!! If i were 5 or 6 years younger...lol!

Lol John, that's some imagination you've got!!! Nice work indeed.

You wold need to be more than 5 or 6 hundred years younger Thalia!

To kick, or not to kick, that is the question.....oh, wrong century! Good imagination John, love it. (-:

Thanks folks your feedback is interesting. I am rewriting the history books on Rugby lol. Thalia, just focus on your painting. Lol

Suits him John! Turned out well :))

now if he had a black shirt on -----

I like it John. After having washed rugby kit for over 40 years I know how "splattered" they become :)

I like it John. And great imagination.

Thank you Carole, Mike, Val and Michael. Your feedback is appreciated.

That is going to be a great up and under goal John. He would look in a yellow and black top.......

Hang on Studio Wall
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Watercolour and oil pastel. A4 Sketchbook. It starred off as a 14th century period costume but it got sort of splattered. So I thought I would make it a fetcher. I placed an up and over rugby goal post in the background and a ball at his feet. No fowl, we have a 14th century rugby player.

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