Surrey Ups and Downs

Surrey Ups and Downs

Almost abstract John it all looks very interesting a bit like a puzzle :) Beautiful tapestry of leaves and colour.

Wonderful picture full of light, colour and rural patina.

Great painting John.

Master of the dappled light!

Lovely painting John, nice detail and colours

Wonderful painting John, I love the colours. John, in reply to your question about my dog I hope this will explain. 'Working cockers' differ from show cockers in that they have been bred as gundogs for game shooting etc. Show cockers are purely bred for their looks and working ability. Working cockers are usually smaller with shorter ears and less curly coats.

Thank you Carole, Willie, Ellen, Linda, David, and Margaret. Your comments are appreciated.

Thanks for the information Margaret.

A kaleidoscope of swirling colour John, brilliant!!!

Beautiful impressionist -like painting John. Great job.

Beautiful, the effect is awesome

Fantastic John..

A natural roller coaster ride John

Three stunning views in one John. A beautiful surprise round every bend. The light ad always, beautiful.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board 26x18 inches. There are three hills going in different directions. At the top is the third hill and its skyline.

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