Chicken or the Egg


A lot of thought gone into this John, I like the hands reaching out. Translucent egg effective.

This has a slightly oddball feel...and I like oddball. Full of interest. I'll bet it did take a while, I liked working in digital, a marvelous medium...but I never found it quick. (Not that that matters.)

This is excellent John, so interesting to examine. One day I'll try to take my basic digital " expertise"🤣 further.

Thank you for your feedback, Carole, Lewis, and Marjorie. I hope the digital does not keep you from your beautiful still life painting Marjorie.

Beautiful work, the colours are superb.

Excellent Johnvery interesting

An intriguing image, John.... really makes one look closely, and is very thought provoking!

Ahh now that’s the question John. Very intriguing and thought provoking. The imagination knows no bounds.

Hang on Studio Wall

Piece of digital work. Took a few hour to do. Not knocked up in five minutes or so. My own photo references as well.

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