Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger

John this is very clever, its lovely

Thank you Jenny, but "clever?"

Very dramatic, good choice of background colours add to the impact.

Perhaps not spend your life tied to a monitor John but this is quality and you should do one now and again......superb!

Thank you for the complement Fiona. At the moment I have one large and one medium painting on the go. A project for the local church walls, and my sketchbook work to catch up on. I am doing a year book on all the regular dogs that visit out park next door. And if I get bored there is more art to do and when I have finished that I can talk, read and watch art programs. Then no doubt after all that I will have more ideas. Yes thats right more art to do.

He certainly is 'burning bright' John.

Forget that idea then John....lol!

Hi John, I have never tried digital art, so cannot really comment on this!! I think you have made the right decision to leave the computer and get down to physically painting subjects though. Although, what do I know????

This is really beautiful.. You have mentioned its digital but is it so? I thought its oil or acrylics

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 Digital painting. Stopped doing digital art because I decided I was not going to spent life tried to a monitor screen.

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