The Vase (Art or Cheat?)

The Vase (Art or Cheat?)

Well John, if music is considered an art and pickling a sheep is considered an art, who is to say that this is not art? Perhaps it is art/crafting. Incidentally out of curiosity, you say that you put an effect over the whole image - what did that entail? It looks lovely anyway.

Hi Adele. An effect is just one of a collection of textures that can be overlaid on a digital image. Thank you for your input.

I suppose it's still using props and a medium to create an image that is pleasing to the eye. Whether you get the same satisfaction in producing it, is a personal thing. Personally I would rather see the brush marks and paint textures but I think you still need skill to produce an image in this way. You need composition, palette, lighting and application as in a traditional piece of art.....I would vote 'art'.

Thank you Fiona, you get the FIVE STARS.

well its an interesting still life the thing is how much passion is involved ,now if it were a lovely feathered friend preferably with a red breast !!!

It's lovely. Could you recreate this in watercolour?

David this is serious, With your artistic background you should be able to give some glowing consideration.

I would say definitely art, just a different sort to painting. It still fits the definition of art in my dictionary - 'an expression of creative skill in visual form'. I'm always asking the same question when I use photo collage in a painting - I tend to think it of as cheating, but am constantly told that anything goes as long as you're honest about how you achieve it!

I agree with Fiona, people compose things with a collage like with pictures or fabrics and you make a picture of it, its the same sort of thing surely, yep its most definitely art.

Ooooo....FIVE I get a prize???!!!lol

I think it's creative involving a thought process to construct it so is that not art? I'm a bit confused Diana

Hi jenny yes you are right, Another FIVE STARS. I did collage out of my photography and further had the knowledge to make it work in the construction of the image. The thing we have to say when we go anything is Does It WORK. That takes experience, which grows with our skill, keen observation I would say. Thank you for your input.

And FIVE STARS for you Jenny. Thank you for your input.

Skill needed I would say and good imagination, it isn't much different from collage people sticking printed bits on an image (which I like) the light is wonderful, you have still created a work of art John!

Hi Diana, Well watercolour, oils, pastels, inks on and on are mediums. And so are pixels a medium which make digital images. It not the medium it what we do with it. And I add what you do with the watercolour medium is very skilled.

Hi Carole so right you are. FIVE STARS For Carole. And thank you for your approval of my work this evening.

So yes, it's art and it's pretty effective too. Thanks for your compliment too Diana

A bit of both John lovely image

Stunning light effects, John. It's the end result that counts, who cares how it was done?

Hi Dennis, with talent like your you need to explain. How is it a bit of both. You use watercolour and acrylic. Thats a bit of both as well then lol.

Thank you Pat, another FIVE STAR artist.


absolutely super

I agree with Dennis's comment that it's a 'bit of both' - at least it would be if it was posted without comment allowing people to believe it was painted. On the other hand it does look very much like a digitally created painting, which these days is considered by most as genuine art. Very confusing, isn't it!

John you have used imagination to produce the image and invention I would say now paint it and further develop your thoughts on it .I would say it is art in It's own right and you have done it very skillfully but you could with your expertise develop the idea further in a painting ,so thumbs up.

Thank you Tony. Jenny very interesting points you make, shame Dennis has not explained in full his thoughts. FIVE STARS Jenny. Thanks David your points are FIVE STARS for you. I am pleased we ended up with different points of view. It seems cheating is a possibility. This calls to be investigated. We will have to visit Baker Street to get Holmes on the job. I feel a blog coming on about it, after I have got a report from Top Cop. Meanwhile I am taking a couple of days off. Thanks to everyone you have been great sports with your great feedback.

Creative art to be sure.

It's all been said John, it is definitely art, I have used mother natures palette to create gardens that people have called works of art and when you look at the great gardens of the world they are definitely works of art. Having spent a lot of my time in the biggest studio possible, the one that belongs to the artist Mother Nature in the mountain section that is real beautiful art to me, so that smashing piece you have created is definitely art. (Sorry if you have not seen my comments before you will now realise I ramble on sometimes)

Yes, I would take it and make an oil painting out of it, most definitely. To my mind, digital never has the warmth and character of a real painting. And with practise, anyone can create something using software and filters, so they wont have their own individual style. Go for it John, get your canvas and brushes on this.

Posted by T H on Sun 15 May 13:43:18

Well! Whatever you want to call it ,it makes a great composition John. Yes, to me it's art.

Coming in late, this is an interesting question.....firstly, it is imaginative and creative and it works well. Then, I agree with Timothy....I'd like to see it in oils or another trad form. Although it is digital in some respect it is not like Dennis Roberts' digital work, which I like and admire very much. He is "painting" in a personal way but in digital format. This uses photography so is not quite the same....see what I mean? I like the fact you've done it, it shows your creativity, that's what it's all about - what are your own views John?

So you fiddled with this and dabbled with that, cut and pasted and probably the only brush used was for adhesive. I'm going to be the only detractor from the melange of effusion by saying that all painting, and this ain't a mixture of art and craft in variable ratios of each so the question is superfluous. As for being here in POL, the image would be better suited to a photographic web site. Fell free to disagree...just don't mention Hockney.

Thank you for your input Tim, Sarah, Marjorie, and Rodger. Your comments are valuable addition. I will write a blog with the information collected by this post/upload.

Thank you Malcolm I like your view on art.

Hi John are you going to do a painting based on your still life ? if not what are you working on at the moment ?

Other work on the go. And my sketch book work to catch up on.

Oh sorry what am I working on? Finishing off a 20X20 and have a 40x16 of our lake in the park on the go. Its half done. but could be months away before I finish.

Hang on Studio Wall

How I did this piece. I photographed the vase in the lighting as seen here. Both the butterflies I photographed from the garden. These were cut and pasted into position and some work done on them. For example the lighting. I then put an effect over the whole image. Thats it done. Is this art or a cheat?

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