The Jay Came By

The Jay Came By

Excellent use of light and dark tones, John, to give it that special feel. Bri

Nice one John

This is very powerful John. Artists who use palette knives are very adventurous and the effects are usually stunning but I’ve never been bold enough to do a whole painting with knives although I’ve been tempted. Love the dark foreground contrasting with the lovely blue sky John.

Love the fresh colours, John, and those strong tonal contrasts.

You really need to zoom in to get the full effect of your great textures John, beautiful shades of light and dark 👍😀

Thank you Brian,Heather,Carole, Jenny and Linda. You comments are very much appreciated.

Nice to view your work again John, great light and texture as always.

That flash of blue gives him away John. I use to see lots of Jays when I was a lass in the woods around where I lived, haven’t see very many for years. Until a couple of months ago and within a half mile I spotted three, one landed only about ten feet away. He’s in the perfect environment and looks terrific.

Very vibrant and lively pallete knife work John. The flash of blue of the jay adds a great contrast to the colourful greens. Fantastic light as always.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Oil on Canvas Board. Size 254x203mm. 10x8inches. A favourite haunt of mine. The Chase Staffordshire. Palette knife painting with scratch and a little brush work.

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