Breaking Free


Gormley would approve.

Tony's right and I like the effects you've created

Very effective and stylish.

Thanks Heather, thanks Chris ;0)

Really like this one Paul. The concept is amazing and ever so relevant as we're all born free. Is it from imagination? Love the way you've used nature to describe your idea/thought.🙏👏👏

Thanks Carole, thanks Harman, the concept is from imagination. It was originally just a seascape, but it was lacking something. So I added the statues and wanted one of them to be different...coming to life! I decided to add Freddie's (Mercury) statue as it's so iconic and the title ties in with the Queen song "I Want To Break Free" ;0)

Excellent painting and so beautifully painted.

Love your original brushstrokes and the silhouettes are so effective here. This has an air of mystique which is so captivating Paul.

Love this - good painting and very clever.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback Paul, Carole and Hilary ;0)

Great concept superbly executed!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on Panel 60cm x 90cm

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Paul Newcastle

I want to create a window to the world, to bring the outside inside and highlight the beauty of nature, with specific focus on light and its effects on the surrounding environment, the colours it creates and the different feelings transmitted to the viewer. After many years of experimentation…

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