Self Portrait

Self Portrait

The only problem - and you're a long way from being the only one to have fallen victim to it - is that the eyes seem to be looking in different directions. Sometimes they do - in various optical disorders; but it's probably better to disregard these and have the eyes focussed on one object - or it confuses the viewer, even if it intrigues the opthamologist. A convincing watercolour otherwise.

I see what you mean. I'm so new to this that I was firstly relieved that it was a reasonable likeness. However, it's these little details that make all the difference and I'm very grateful to you for pointing out something I hadn't noticed.

Glad you've taken it that way, Paul. And relieved! This is such a difficult thing to do, and believe me I know that. It's still a very convincing portrait. Good luck with your future work.

A belated comment Paul - also to thank you for yours to mine (as it were). The 'eye issue' is one which afflicts every artist attempting "live" self-portraiture (as opposed to photographs) for the simple reason that glancing in the mirror makes the individual eyes focus 'on themselves' for the duration of painting them. As a result, they look in different directions. Everyone walks round with eyes that do just that, until they concentrate on something - which we do most of the time - at which point they converge. All the best from a fellow-sufferer!

This is really nice work Paul and a magical background! Eyes never look right if they are even only slightly adrift, so it's worth being very pedantic about getting them right.

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I saw SAA self portrait competition in Paint magazine and decided to have a go. Never done self portrait before and bit apprehensive after the Blue Man painting in this portfolio. However, I tried a totally different approach and it ended up looking all right. Pleased with the likeness. This painting was featured in SAA Paint magazine Sept 2011.

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