Sibling Rivalry

sibling rivalry (2)

Love the energy you have created in this Paulette your mark making is outstanding.

Fantastic sense of movement and those wings are stunning

SO much energy in this, movement is incredible, love it!

Great picture of bird behaviour like the way the movement has been captured

Wonderful depiction of these birds. And I love the title.

I love this! Starlings are amazing beings (as are all!) What a wonderful depiction of their play. Their murmurations are endlessly fascinating, as is their song, cheeky ness and glossy, shiny, colourful garb. Thank you for capturing this so beautifully!

Very dynamic and full of interest.

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I took this image last year when we were lucky enough to host a few starling families. The squabbling amongst the junior starlings was quite funny to watch. When I went outside they would stop but as soon as I went back inside they would resume. The stormy weather in the last few days has helped feed into the expressive frenzy that I wanted to capture in this painting. Painted in oils on a linen panel.

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Picture Size: 16" x 12"
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Professional Artist. For 2020 I have decided to focus my work on cricket (which I love) and figure / portrait paintings and drawings. Although I am able to draw and paint birds, still lifes and animals and have been successful selling them I noted that whilst painting them I was forever thinking…

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