Greyhound Ghost

Greyhound Ghost

A beautiful face, you have done very well.

The good reference material shows. The best I've seen of yours. Love it. It really shows how elegant this breed is. Be assertive about what reference material you use. It is much more satisfying!

This is lovely Paulette .

I dont like these dogs, but it is very well painted.

Lovely sensitive work Paulette.

Absolutely beautiful work Paulette!

Just beautiful, Paulette! Such an elegant and expressive face!

Stunning work, you've captured the gentle but alert look of the breed.

Such encouraging comments. Thank you, I've been having a real low with my art this month after a mad September.

This is a great portrait of a lovely dog. I have drawn and painted animals for their owners, and you&#39;re right, you&#39;re entirely dependent on the quality of the photo when the animal is no longer with us, and also when it&#39;s still bounding around, because they don&#39;t stay still. I&#39;ve been fortunate that I&#39;ve managed to get a good likeness even from an indifferent photograph, but it&#39;s really difficult and you&#39;re always conscious of just getting the whole thing wrong, drawing a generic dog of a particular breed (or of none) rather than the character the client remembers. <br /><br />Obviously, I never saw the subject of your portrait but it&#39;s a beautiful drawing of a &quot;needle-nose&quot;.

Yes it&#39;s the first time I truly appreciate how good the reference photo needs to be

Beautiful, sensitive and a credit to your talent Paulette.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have not drawn a greyhound before. What made this so much easier to draw was that the reference photo was so clear. When I get asked to draw pet commissions I always ask the client to go and take some photos of their pet in their most natural position, even if that is sleeping. However, they always send me old photos that to be honest are not the best to draw from. Either the colour is not correct because the light is unnatural or half the pet is missing from the image. After seeing how much easier this one was with a good photo I think I am going to be a lot more specific in future

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