Blue Squirrel

Blue Squirrel (2)

I like it too!

Ah! Did it sell? Looks great to my eye, in fact it was instantly noticeable. Bri

No it's not sold. Very little interest but for me it's the beginning of something.

I think this is great - certainly worth continuing with

Hang on Studio Wall
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Just putting this out here to get some feedback. I wanted to paint this occasional visitor to my garden but I've already painted a couple of squirrels and not sold them. My husband jokingly said maybe it's because people don't like grey squirrels so I said ok then I'll paint it blue. The idea kept nagging at me and before too long I really loved the idea. So here it is..

For Sale

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My drawings and paintings are influenced by my life and my surroundings. I am as much at home sat in a cricket ground with my sketchbook as I am tramping through the Cheshire countryside watching the birds make their spring nests. They are all familiar to me, all vivid and real and all part of my…

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